October 2011 U.R.S.U.N  in co-operation ;  email media@ursun.net  or fair@ursun.net SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Enterprise Teams  & YOUTH & FUN GRILL-PARTY The latest News OUTLINE of the  Networking programme of FAIR events (ALL inter-connected ) ; Launch weekend ; 6-10th october 2011 - "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with Action can change the world!" YOUTH The establishment & connection of a network youth clubs locally and globally bringing street kids into contact ON AN EQUAL basis here and everywhere, bring ALL youth together to have fun , play sports, compete and make enterprise and environmental projects that benefit themselves AND the local/global community..encourage them with positive examples and also create the atmosphere through informal education and "learning by DOing".. S.M.E bringing LOCAL small to medim enterprise together with SME's from across Europe in a creative environment to "brain - storm , explore ways to co-operate , to offer each other joint ventures and networking in order to strengthen their existing chances and create new ones with networks, reducing costs and developing marketing strategies for mutual benefit ...and create opportunities for youth, funds may be used to provide interest - free loans , equpment and locations for the network. NGO's to participate in "problem SOLVING" (no more "seminar" or "conference" discussion, because if we dont know the problems by now we never will) and creative "workshops" also to meet people from youth clubs and SME to consider ways of "Equal chance" in daily lives, constant confrontation of social and environmental problems at grass roots level is good for society and enterprise, we influence society from the bottom up, because the top is too far from the reality. (this will involve a LOT of "speed dating" in this ACTION programme) FUN "Football FUN & (international) Friendship" was the "theme" of several events i voluntarily organised, without funding, they stood well and succesfully self supported on their own merit , encouraging mixing of peoples through social activities, playing not-too-serious football LAUNCH “MONTY” 6-9th October 2011 MONTENEGRO