tournaments , having parties and TRUSTING people to make their friendships and craeative connection themselves..believe me , we dont need a nanny state, the money they "give " is y-ours !! the land they offer to you, once belonged to the people ..and being a "mission" for the beautiful game we have a slogan for the football aspect "we are NO(t)MAD , but we ARE crazy about football".. LAUNCH : October 2011 "pride or visibility campaign" ...give kids good examples, the people to use as examples, and get them connected , with those who "made it" by doing good things..and moreover learning the lesson to enjoy the journey to their "goals" this "FAIR" will launch creative workshops and youth clubs that are side by side bringing enterprise and experience being challenged by the raw questions and fresh ideas of youth..and vice versa; the youth being challenged to explore their talents rather than go to the street, factory, dead end job, Nor become faceless part of a corporation. ON Going The result ; a lot of happy people , forming creative relationships for local & global benefit at grass routes; youth club networks ; which become PERMANENT "creative workshops" where youth AND other sections of society connected with enterprise meet in a social environment , play and discuss solutions..the permanent backing and support for ANY youth or individual to get an EQUAL chance       Local & visiting Enterprise  should participate in the SME ""speed dating" and eventual "start-ups , to develop enterprise  weddings" (joint ventures) or enterprise networks and involvement with sports/youth /FUN events according to their own inclination. This is arguably the most creative and effective event ever in the young histoory of this community. If the participants That you should INVITE and ENCOURAGE  your members to particpate in the programme   October 6th - from16h onwards  a receiption/welcome party/informal "speed dating"  with visitors @at Pg Hotel. October 7th - formal programme, workshops etc , later free time and those who wish may join the football match FAMN v England FA (euro 12 ) October 8th "wedding meetings" social/Cultural programme all paricipants and groups invited open, informal forum, party.. October 9th Fun & Footy tournament, forum; party October 10th departure..     - "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with Action can change the world!"